Absolutely amazing delicious food everyday. Everything was delicious and there was so much fresh fruit it was such a delightful treat. 10/10

Rebecca, Canada, 2013

I really like that we were able to meet with Leesha and Lawrence to learn more about the program. I also appreciated that the tours were built around the activities that we wanted to do. Beautiful accommodation in Arusha at Joyce’s place, [Songota Falls Lodge]. The food was amazing! All of the guides and porters […]

Alma, Canada, 2014

From the very start of our exciting three week adventure we were made to feel like family. At 60+ years of age you worry a bit more about health and related medical conditions. All of our activities were well managed and extremely enlightening. Especially if this is your first visit to Africa, you will undoubtedly […]

Julian and Sharon, Canada, 2015

I never really do tours and really don’t like them, but this was easily the best tour. It was such a good TEAM. I loved seeing the city with the locals. It was amazing. That Kilimanjaro dance and song made my day EVERY DAY and the fact that the porters dressed up after summit (they […]

Betty, Canada, 2014

Planning and communication via email was uncomplicated. The homepage contains most of the information you need for planning the trip. Prices are reasonable given the overall experience we had. Prices are comparable to other operators. Songota Lodge was a very beautiful and quiet place in Arusha, perfect to relax after hiking or safari. The food […]

Markus and Nadia, Germany, 2014

Our family have been on two trips with Boma Africa and we were delighted with both. The first trip was to meet our daughter who had been teaching in the village of Mto Wam Bu, organized through Boma as well and to do safari trips through several parks. We had the same driver Emanuel, for […]

Deb, Australia, 2015

[Planning and communication] was really well done both prior to the trip and during. Food was delicious; exactly what we needed and was set up with enormous care and attention by the crew. Made a big difference and was greatly appreciated. The camps were also well kept, safe, and were well equipped- so nice and […]

Jojo, Canada, 2012

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