The Mto wa Mbu Community Centre is open!

The amazing culmination of Lizzie & team’s vision and hard work….

The Mto wa Mbu Community Centre has opened! Over 70 people came to the open house and 30 have come to classes on each of the first two days!

Lizzie came to Mto wa Mbu as a Boma volunteer six years ago and went home with a dream of providing a community learning centre for the village! Lizzie founded The Mto wa Mbu Project and has provided the vision, the funds, and a lot of motivation & patience! Boma Africa provided the land and hands on support to get the project off the ground.

It is such a dream to see the community’s excitement about this new centre! Asante to everyone who supported along the way!

“So this is a pretty special post. I am so so excited to announce that our Community Centre is open and classes are running. This is so surreal – I almost feel like I’m not feeling the full excitement of this moment because I think I’m actually in shock! Anthea, myself, our team and every one of our supporters and donors have worked for 6 years to bring this to life and it has finally happened. The last few days have seen the centre filled with people coming to learn and the joy that has come from this has been so amazing to witness and be a part of. In just two days I see beautiful relationships building between students who come to the centre and I’m seeing Farha blossom as a kind, passionate, wonderful teacher as well as centre manager. I’m trying to take the time to really soak all this in! So from the bottom of my heart, thankyou for all your support. This project is so needed, and every day I am seeing why.” -Lizzie

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South Edmonton Rotary Club funds 40′ container full of supplies to Boma!

The South Edmonton Rotary Club, with the power of Maureen Fath behind them, filled and shipped a 40′ container worth of supplies for Boma la Mama Birth Centre and Boma Community School to Tanzania. Today the container is in the port and should be released in the next couple of weeks. The value of the items is so great, not to mention the funds that were required for shipping. GIANT thank you to the Rotary Club and it’s members that made this happen, and at the last minute!

See the article below!

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Days for Girls- education & kits!

So at the very last minute we have connected with a local sewing group that has been making hygiene packs for “Days for Girls”.  Not only do girls get a gift pack of re-usable menstrual pads, underwear, soap, and carrying bag- I will become an facilitator to host educational workshops for girls on reproduction, hygiene, puberty, health, sexuality, abuse, etc.

The girls have to attend the workshop before getting their pack.  One of the main outcomes is that girls can stay in school and instead of being ashamed are empowered.

I just registered for the training program and look forward to diving in once we are settled in TZ.  The kits will be squeezed into the Boma Africa container that is shipping out in 2 weeks. What a perfect complimentary program to Boma la Mama!



Birth Supplies Arrive for Boma la Mama!

It’s hard to express how one feels when this shipment arrives. Gorgeous new quality medical supplies to take to Tanzania to equip the Boma la Mama Birth Centre. I am imagining how they will get worn out after being used thousands of times. How quickly the disposable supplies will need to be replaced.  How the instruments will be wrapped and sterilized between births.

It’s so exciting and humbling, and a little surreal!


Donating my library!

I am donating my entire midwifery library to Boma la Mama. It’s a little hard to let go but it will be so great to see them get a second life in Tanzania. My current practice usually involves checking official guidelines and research online and consulting with experts, so actually the books don’t get used much anymore. I started to collect these books in 2004 when my  midwifery journey was just  beginning. I became a doula to get some actual experience attending births and supporting women; then in 2006 I started the midwifery education program.  Many of the books were required for school and I went through them all over and over for each of the learning topics. Some favourites such as Ina May’s books, The Birth House, Baby Catcher, the Red Tent will remain in my personal library to be read again and again.

Birth Centre Beds & Equipment!

Well it’s hard to believe it’s finally happening, but we are getting closer and closer to opening the doors at Boma la Mama Birth Centre.

Maureen, a colleague of mine in Edmonton is a Rotary member. Every year they fund shipping a sea container to a country in need in collaboration with the Emanuel Centre. The Emmuel gets a lot of equipment and supplies from the hospitals that are no longer in use. Basic beds, wheelchairs, delivery beds, linens, exam tables, gurneys, stretchers, IV supplies, gloves…. (also school desks!) Maureen suggested our project to the club and it’s go! We will do a presentation January 4th for club, and have already visited the warehouse to choose which items are the most useful for us.

Secondly, a private donor made a super donation which has allowed us to purchase blood pressure cuffs & stethoscopes, fetal dopplers, oxygen tanks, suction machines, newborn resuscitators, delivery & suturing instruments, a scale and a few others odds and ends. A friend of mine spent some time living in Ghana as a child, and her mother has continued to be involved with supporting projects in Africa.  Over the last few years she hasn’t had an organization that she was comfortable donating to.  When Therese told her Mom about Boma la Mama Birth Centre, she said she would like to see the funds go towards medical supplies. Perfect!

Finally several midwives from across Canada have responded to a Facebook request for any equipment and texts that they aren’t using. Shipping is tricky, but I am hopeful they will come through with their scales & slings, autoclaves, dopplers, opthalmasope, BP cuffs, suction units, textbooks, and more.

We will have almost all the equipment we need!  Boma la Mama will still need to buy disposable items such as catheters, medications, umbilical clamps/ tape, cleaning supplies, and also will need to find money to pay salaries and rent.

Will it happen this year??? It totally might!  Happy new year! can’t wait to see what will happen in 2017.